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Heritage carrot tart tatin

Tastings are a great way for us to try out new dishes and to meet our prospective bride and grooms (and families).

This is a new dish which would work as a starter or vegetarian option as a main course.

Grated carrot is cooked down with shallots and garlic till softened and finished with crushed fennel seed and a touch of rose water. On top are braised heritage carrot slices and a melted slice of Tunworth cheese.

To build the slices go on the bottom, followed by the grated carrot mix, then it's all sealed in with puff pastry. It is then baked for around 30 minutes and turned out and sliced and popped back through the oven to melt the cheese.

This one is served with a parsley, radish and spring onion salad and drizzled with loveage oil.


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