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Stuffed courgettes flowers with goats cheese, fig and pecan, drizzled with truffled honey

When u just cant wait for the courgettes to get to full size it is a lovely treat to stuff the flowers and deep fry them.

I first tried this at

You can use the female and male flowers and also the flowers attached to the baby courgettes as pictured.

First you need to remove the stamen from the centre of each flower and any little black bugs that have taken up residence, to do this gently open up the end of the flower and insert your finger. Very gently snap off the stamen and shake it out with the bugs.

You can fill the flowers with whatever you like, we decided to use a mix of goats cheese, dried fig and toasted pecans which we had left over from a wedding we catered for at Horsebridge Station last week.

Horsebridge is a lovely venue in Hampshire using an old railway station with all of its features as a great party venue.

To fill the flowers put your filling into a piping bag with a small opening and squeeae into the cavity until its almost full but with enough space left to allow you to twist and seal the top closed.

These are filled and ready to dip, if the baby courgette is quite large it may cook slower than the flower so you can cut down the centre until a few centimetres from the flower to even out the cooking times.

Make a simple tempura batter with 100g cornflour, 150g plain flour, 10g baking powder and salt and form a batter with iced fizzy water. Dont over mix, leave it a bit lumpy.

Dip into hot oil until the batter turns golden brown it will be just a few mins.

Serve with a few squzzles of truffled honey and a sprinkling of salt and pepper.

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