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Rhubarb snaps

With the first healthy trunks of rhubarb up we decided to make an accompaniment to our rhubarb sorbet in the form of a criunchy rhubarb snap.

First slice the rhubarb thinly (2mm ish) on a mandolin and soak the slices in a mixture of stock syrup (100ml water/100g sugar) with a healthy few glugs of grenadine.

Leave in the syrup for a couple of hours until it has softened and taken on some of the red colour.

Lay the slices onto parchment paper on a baking tray and cook very slowly in an over (80-90 degrees for a few hours).

If they start to take on too much colour then the oven is too high.

Remove from the oven and as they cool you will notice them crisp up until you can snap them like a cracker.

Serve with sorbet, ice cream or just munch as a sweet.

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