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Wild garlic, Ramsons, wood garlic etc is pretty hard to find near us in between Salisbury and Amesbury, we had to head out to the next valley to find our stash this year. Out past Wilton there are massive clearings with wild garlic in thick clumps, the heady smell fills the air and gives us ideas.

The dish below is an option we are testing for a birthday party later this month.

Cod cheeks, wet and wild garlic, tempura cod roe, miso broth

Cod cheeks, wild garlic

The miso broth is a reduced fish stock scented with white miso, lemon grass and ginger. We served it with braised wet garlic bulbs, sautéed and raw wild garlic leaves and baked cod cheeks. The cod roe tempura is a wild garlic leaf smeared liberally with smoked cods roe, dipped in tempura batter and fried at the last minute.

Hope they like it

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