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Quail, preserved orange, almonds and brandy

Last night we had a tasting in collaboration with the lovely Lottie of Feest at the Greenhouse cafe, Green lanes for a winter wedding at the village underground.

The options had a south/central american theme with some of the options chosen below, we do love a brief to work to

Queso Fresca, fig and celeriac rolls

Elotes croquettes

Corn muffins, shredded habanero pork

Mackerel ceviche tostada, pickled green mango

Deep fried cheese, tomato and mescal dip

Chimichanga - refried pinto beans, Cotija, pimento, papaya and avocado salsa

Crab and lime fritters, pineapple, shaved coconut and plantain salad, masala dressing

Quails basted with preserved orange, almonds and brandy,

painted rooster rice, winter roots

Coffee and cumin pork ribs, blistered Mescal tomatoes,

blackened sweetheart cabbage, yuca chips, smokey ketchup

Slow roasted pork belly, sweet tamarind and lime crackling, sweet potato mash, winter greens, salsa verde, preserved tomatillos, beetroot quinoa

Lovely evening was had by all but as always we ran out of time to take pics, here is the only one we got, the quail with a rosemary basting brush

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