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Tasting in the garden

Blessed with a lovely weekend we persuaded our future bride and groom Naomi and Josh to join us in the garden to try the possible choices for their wedding in September.

After an informal sharing approach we suggested a mix of different dished presented on rustic boards for people to help themselves to on the day. We will deliver the boards set up and ready on the day of their wedding, all the pots and dishes used are compostable.

We served up beef carpaccio, crispy capers, rocket and parmesan.

Winslade cheese, the new addition to range and different to but just as tasty as their Tunworth (possibly my favourite cheese). We served this with Damson cheese from our trees at the top of the garden and pickled Bramleys from our neighbours tree.

Lamb and bulgar kofte,feta cheese and pickled chillis. Soy braised kabocha squash, gorgonzola, sesame brittle and lastly garden crudites with beetroot borani and sorrel pesto.

We did have to retreat from the rain for coffee but a lovely afternoon. Plan id to grow the radishes, carrots, beetroot, sorrel and mange tout for the wedding in september

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