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Goats Willow winter salad

We recently visited a local cheese producer in the new forest and were blown away by the variety and tastiness of Loosehanger Cheeses.

We are using their Goats Willow this weekend and for supper we created a winter salad

Seared Goats Willow cheese with a salad of kale, purple sprouting broccoli,leek, beetroot and liquorice cured bacon

The goats willow is so tasty it needs no adornment so a simple sear in a frying pan is all it needs. The bacon was griddled, the beets (from our garden)were just boiled peeled and tossed in rapeseed oil, the sprouting broccoli and leeks (also from the garden)we griddled

till tender and the kale required a quick blanch in salty water.

A dressing of stem ginger bitter marmalade, lemon and rapeseed oil finished it off

A lovely winter evening dinner

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