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Liquorice home cured bacon

We had some pork belly surplus to requirements from a recent job and so decided to cure it as streaky bacon.

Having eaten at Snaps + Rye recently and procured some of their liquorice syrup we decided to use this in place of maple syrup in Stephen Harris' of the Sportsman recipie

Leave the skin on and add about 500ml of lquorice syrup for the 1.5kg piece of belly. Rub in and leave foe a couple of days turning and rubbing a couple of times

After 2 days put the belly skin side down and add 300g of flaked sea salt and leave for another 2 days.

Wipe the salt from the pork and add another 300g of salt and leave for one day

Rinse off the salt annd the bacon should be ready.

We found it saltier than ordinary bacon on the outside but it has a fantastic flavour, the liquorice has really infused through

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