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Sorrel Pesto

We have had sorrel steadily growing ,in spite of the onslaught of an army of slugs, and getting very little attention from us all summer.

Now that the garden begins to look scruffier and the autumn tidy begins all sorts are getting trimmed, pruned and pulled.

Our small sorrel strip was due a harvest and not loving the leafs flavour have found it hard to find a recipe suited to its sharp and bitter tang.

After a bit of research i decided on a pesto made with chedder as we had no parmesan in the fridge and parsley as we have no basil.

200g sorrel leaves

100g flatleaf parsley

handful of toasted pine nuts

4 cloves of garlic

a lump of finely grated cheddar

extra virgin olive oil

photo 3_edited.JPG
photo 2_edited.JPG

Chuck it all in a blender excluding the oil which you drizzle in as you blend till you hit your preferred texture, season and jar.

photo 1 copy_edited.JPG

Enjoy on pasta, smeared on a bruscetta as a dressing on salad or with chargrilled shoulder of lamb on the last barbie of the year.

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