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Plum Glut

Our three plum sisters (damson, czar and victoria) have now reached their optimun ripeosity and with two big blue Ikea bags to process i started on the damson tree with damson cheese, a lovely accompaniment to hard cheeses. A bit like a membrillio.


First wash your damsons. Chuck them in a pan with a little water and slowly cook down the plums till all the flesh has separated from the stones then push through a seive.


Discard the leftover gubbins in the seive and put the juice into a measuring jug. For every litre of juice add 700g of sugar and put both into a thick bottomed pan on a medium heat.

Cook down the liquid till it starts to thicken, turn down heat as it gets thicker to avoid burning, stirring pretty often.

Stop when the mixture gets so thick that it leaves the base clear for a second when you stir it.

When its done pour into any mould you like, we used little silicone loaf cases.


The damson cheese will literally keep for a year either in or out of the fridge, enjoy!

Other produce from our plums are Czar plum chutney, Victoria and tamarind chutney, Czar plum jam and plum cordial( which is great in a gin and tonic).

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