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Updated larder menu

Bramley apple and finger chilli jelly £6 vg

Roast pumpkin achar £6 vg

Celeriac kraut chi £6 vg

Pink onion marmalade £6 vg (su)

Rhubarb and ginger chutney £6 vg (su, m, ce)

Apple butter £5.50 vg

Beetroot, orange and Aleppo pepper relish £6 vg (su, ce)

Smoked chilli and myrtle jelly £6 vg

Seville orange and Bourbon marmalade £6 vg

Damson cheese £3 vg

Apple crisps £12.50/£15 vg

Puffed piggy snacks with sriracha salt £10/£15 (su)

Red wine jus £12 (su, ce)

Thyme salt £6 vg

Cheese and whole grain mustard straws £12.50/£15 V (mi, m, e)

Sourdough crackers – seaweed(cr,mo)/seeded(se)/beetroot and hibiscus £12.50/£15 vg (gl)

Fennel and poppy seed crackers £10/£15 vg

Herb and petal Carta di Musica £15 vg (gl)

Hazelnut, thyme and parmesan oatcakes £10/£15 V (nuts, mi)

Wild Garlic aioli £6/£12*V (e, su, m)

Sauce Gribiche £6/£12*V (e, su, m)

Classic tartar £6/£12*V (e, su, m)

Turmeric or beet pickled Quail eggs £8*V (e, su, m)

Shitake and fava bean miso pate £7.50 vg (m, su)

Brown shrimp in spiced butter £9.50*(mi, cr)

Duck liver parfait £9.50* (mi, su)

Roast pumpkin and goat cheese arancini £10.50 for 6** V (mi, e)

Squid ink and saltfish bacalao £12 for 4 ** (mi)

Black pudding and sage scotched eggs £10 for 2 (e, gl)

Gin and lemon Thyme Gravadlax £15/£26.50/£45*

Caramelized onion, oregano and parmesan tortellini £16 for 2**V (e, mi)

Heritage tomato, sweet red onion and thyme tart tatin £5/£16 for 4/£22 for 6 vg (su, gl)

Artichoke, leek and thyme cheesecake £14 for 2/ £22 for 4 V (mi, e, su, m) (can be vg)

Beetroot, basil and mozzarella risotto cakes £12.50 for 2/ £20 for 4** V (mi, su)

Parsnip, leek and butterbean wellington £12.50 for 2/ £20 for 4** vg

Spiced cauliflower cakes, coriander and coconut relish £12.50 for 2/£20 for 4 **vg (m)

Squash, feta and green raisin borek £12.50 for 2/£20 for 4** V (mi, se)

Puy lentil and pimento parmigiana £12.50 for 2/£20 for 4** V (mi) (can be vg)

Fennel and apple gratin, Parmesan crust £12.50 for 2/£20 for 4** V (mi, m, su)

Spinach, Taleggio, wild mushroom buckwheat crepe galette £12.50 for 2/£20 for 4 V (mi, su, e, gl)

Squash and Gorgonzola frittata £12 for 2/£20 for 4 V (e, mi)

Kookoo - Persian spiced spinach and herb omelette £12 for 2/£20 for 4 V (e)

Artichoke, gruyere and thyme brioche £12.50 for 2/£22 for 4** V (mi, e, m, gl)

Spanakopita £12.50 for 2/£22 for 4 ** V (e, mi, gl)

Haddock fish cakes baked in sumac, tomato and cumin sauce £14 for 2** (e, gl)

Cod fillet, caramelised fennel and saffron broth £16 for 2** (cr)

Classic fish pie £16 for 2/£30 for 4** (mi, m, gl)

Lemon and honey roast salmon, pistachio and parsley crust £20 for 2** (nuts)

Char grilled Chermoula chicken breast with rose harissa yoghurt £20 for 2**

Pork, cider and pancetta stew £16 for 2** (m, su, ce,)

Pigeon and rose pastilla £7.50/£14 for 2/£25 for 4**(e, gl, su, nuts)

Creamy chicken, leek and tarragon pies £6.50 /£12 for 2/£22 for 4** (mi, e, gl, ce, su)

Woodford game pies £7.50 /£14 for 2/ £25 for 4** (gl, e, su, ce, m)

Braised short rib and bone marrow pie £6.50 £12 for 2/£22 for 4** (gl, mi, m, e, ce, su)

Wild boar ragout £16 for 2** (gl, ce, su)

Free range chicken thighs roasted with smoked garlic, preserved lemon and olives £15 for 2**

Braised ox cheek £16 for 2** (su, m, ce, contains anchovy)

Osso Bucco (beef not veal) £16 for 2** (su, ce)

Coffee and cumin lamb shoulder £18 for 2** (su, ce)

Fennel and Marsala pork belly £15 for 2** (su, ce)

Pork cheek and sultana ragu, braised leeks and apple £16 for 2** (su, m, ce)

Smoked ham hock and pearl barley stew £12 for 2 ** (ce, su, m, gl)

Hand of pork in molasses and paprika £30 for 4** (su, m)

Spiced mango and mustard glazed Wiltshire ham £30 for 4** (m)

Lamb, spinach, spiced orange and pine nut pastries £3.5 ** (mi, gl, nuts)

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb, salted anchovy, lemon, oregano, salsa verde £22 for 2/£45 for 4-5** (su, ce)

Rosemary, thyme and garlic rolled beef fillet with green pepper corn sauce £25 for 2/£45 for 4/£65 for 6-8** (m, mi, su, ce)

Venison haunch, blackberry and chocolate jus £22 for 2/£40 for 4** (su, ce)

Miso butterscotch, black sesame and dark chocolate torte £25 (mi, e, se, gl)

Carrot and olive oil cake £25**vg and gluten free

Lemon verbena cheesecake £25 (mi, gl, e)

Toffee apple, almond and cardamom cake £25**gluten free (mi, e, nuts)

Pistachio, fig and ricotta torte £25 (nuts, mi, e)

Tart au citron £5/£25 ** (e, mi, gl)

Espresso chocolate brownies £10 for 4 ** (mi, e, gl)

Bramley apple and cinnamon crumble £12/£25 (mi, gl) (can be gluten free)

Home grown morello cherries drowned in Kirsch £8/£16 (su)

Pink pepper corn and myrtle shortbread £6/£12 (mi, e, gl)

Pine nut, lemon and rosemary biscotti £12.50 /£25 (nuts, e, mi, gl)

Chambord truffles £10 keep refrigerated will be good for 2 weeks (mi, su)

Stem ginger truffles £10 keep refrigerated will be good for 2 weeks (mi)

Momofuku chocolate cookies £15 (mi, gl,e)

Homemade hobnob biscuits £15 (mi)

Brown sugar and raspberry meringues £8 for 4 (e)

Beetroot tablet £10 (mi)

*consume within one week

** suitable for freezing

V – Vegetarian

vg – Vegan


m – mustard

se – sesame

p – peanuts

so – soy

su – sulphites

e – egg

l – lupin

mi – milk

mo – mollusc

gl – gluten

ce – celery

nuts – nuts


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