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Leek and roasted garlic relish

The only veg that has survived this long in our garden are the leeks which have only made it to baby size but are seemingly not bothered by the repeated frosts and rain of recent weeks

We found a leek jam recipe online and adapted it into a leek relish which i am hoping will work just as well with an oily fish as a cheese plate

Leek and roasted garlic relish

30 Baby leeks cut into short batons(normal leeks would be fine)

2 Medium white onions, sliced

2 cups Golden caster sugar

1 cup Cider vinegar

2 Garlic bulbs

1 Tsp Mustard seeds, toasted

1 Tsp crushed coriander seeds, toasted

Salt and Pepper

Wrap oiled and seasoned garlic bulbs in foil and put in a low oven (150c) till soft

Put the onions in a pan with a little butter and sweat till soft and translucent

Chuck in seeds and cook for 5 mins

Add vinegar and sugar and simmer till reduced by a third

Put the leeks in and turn till just ticking over

Squeese garlic bulbs into the mix

Cook down till the leeks are just cooked but retain a little terxture and colour

Put in sterilized jars

Should keep for ages

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