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Bantam eggs and asparagus

The garden had some new additions recently, three bantam hens. They seem to be settling in happily and our fears of total garden destruction have been assuaged. Apart from the odd corn flower they seen to be happy eating ants and grass, maybe their appetites are satisfied by the probiotic yoghurt and granola they get every morning.

Their main occupation as far as we can tell seems to be scratching about, clucking, having a dirt bath in our asparagus beds, maybe a further cluck in the fennel and short but intense battles for massive lobworms. They are also laying the occasional small but beautifully formed eggs. Bantam eggs have yolks almost the same size as regular chicken eggs but a much smaller amount of white, making them perfect for poaching.

Conveniently it has coincided with the fruition of three years patience with our first asparagus harvest, making on of our favourite breakfasts poached bantam eggs and asparagus on toast.

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